Pastoral Care Team 

Why do we need a Pastoral Care Team?

Our clergy carry ever widening responsibilities across churches of Dover and the Deanery. So we have a dedicated team of pastoral visitors to help them give pastoral care to those who need it. They are led and supported by our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator for the Dover Town Group of Churches, Angie Stupple.

Pastoral care needs skill and time. Our team of pastoral visitors have been chosen because they’ve got both. If you are interested in becoming a pastoral visitor then talk about this with the Pastoral Co-ordinator. She will explain the kind of skills you need. If you think that’s you, you’ll need the approval of one of the clergy who will make the final decision. If they disagree, they’ll tell you why.

How our Pastoral Care Programme works:

Step 1

If you hear that someone is ill or can no longer get to church please ask their permission, then contact Angie here.

Step 2

One of our team of Pastoral Visitors will be asked to make initial contact to offer a visit. They will then make a visit, if that is agreed.

Step 3

If needed, the Pastoral Visitor can call on the Clergy or Pastoral Care Co-ordinator for support or a visit with the person’s agreement; for example to offer Home Communion or anointing for healing.

Please always pray for those who are ill, grieving or housebound.