Ignite-D is not currently running.

It’s church – but not as you know it!

At its very heart, Ignite-D is about forming relationships; it’s about joining in Christ’s mission to heal the broken-hearted (Isaiah 61).

It’s about meeting Christ’s people – wherever or whoever they are, whatever’s going on in their lives.

It’s about reaching out to those who feel they are on the fringes of society, showing individuals that they are loved (by us and by God) and extending Christ’s unconditional love and welcome to them.

In the midst of chaotic and broken lives, Ignite-D aims to provide a safe place to meet each other, to question, to explore and to heal.

  • Services are held in St. Mary's Church from 7.00pm until around 8.30pm
  • At least the first 20-30 mins of each service is fellowship with food
  • The service then follows a magazine-style format of short section.